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From having a place where all fences was destroyed, it is satisfactory to see the way the campus in general started to get recoveredd, from the moment the fences was installed, and some security and respect was regained.

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The Construction Process

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Our Farm, Plants, Equipments, ...

  • Cold Rooms
    The RFPC has the biggest and most modern Fish Processing Plant in the Archipelago. It consists of a set of
  • Hens Coop
    The RFPC's Hens Coop has an area of 450 m2 (4.843 ft2), with a capacity for over 3.000 hens. Currently
  • Offices
    There are three separate office rooms. 
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Organic Food

We are the Raizal Food Production Center!

We guarantee the access of the local production of food to our local people and visitors. A social entrepreneurship that contributes to the food security in our island, while it keeps sustainable.

We have the biggestFish Processing Plant in the Archipelago -modern and hygienical; and a huge Hens Coop for the daily production of 1000s of eggs. We are the trusted supplier for more than 1000 families, shops and companies.


  Email us at: contact_rfpc@


  (+57) 315-292-5855

  (+57) 312-456-9972

  (+57) 608-501-1116

   (+57) 315-292-5855

   Km 14 No. 2-29 South End.

      Christian University of San Andres

      and Providence

      San Andres Island (Colombia)

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