There are five classrooms, with a total capacity for 150 people (but currently we train maximum 60 people simultaneously, due to the our limited amount of student desks). The RFPC does community training, by socializing the project, and building collective conciousness around our historical, cultural, and socio-economical reality; it also does training on modern farming and fishing techniques, as well as on ancestral customs of food production and management. Training is also scheduled on healthy eathing, cooking and general norms of a healthy lifestyle; in due process, it will identify and promote the good cultural habits of the Raizal lifestyle, while it finds ways to analyze and improve possible/potential negative cultural habits.


There are also planned training on entrepreneurship, from an individual, family and people levels. Christian Community Development principles and initiatives are put to the consideration of the trainess, basing on the motto of the Christian University of San Andres and Providence islands: "Lift Up to Serve, Serve to Lift Up".


A more specialize training is available around the full history of the Raizal People and the International System of Human Rights, with emphasis on self-determination and development rights. This other training is done in alliance with the Raizal Self-determination & Develoment School (RSDS).  

The Construction Process

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Our Farm, Plants, Equipments, ...

  • Cold Rooms
    The RFPC has the biggest and most modern Fish Processing Plant in the Archipelago. It consists of a set of
  • Hens Coop
    The RFPC's Hens Coop has an area of 450 m2 (4.843 ft2), with a capacity for over 3.000 hens. Currently
  • Offices
    There are three separate office rooms. 
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Organic Food

We are the Raizal Food Production Center!

We guarantee the access of the local production of food to our local people and visitors. A social entrepreneurship that contributes to the food security in our island, while it keeps sustainable.

We have the biggestFish Processing Plant in the Archipelago -modern and hygienical; and a huge Hens Coop for the daily production of 1000s of eggs. We are the trusted supplier for more than 1000 families, shops and companies.


  Email us at: contact_rfpc@

  (+57) 315-292-5855

  (+57) 312-456-9972

  (+57) 608-501-1116

   (+57) 315-292-5855

   Km 14 No. 2-29 South End.

      Christian University of San Andres

      and Providence

      San Andres Island (Colombia)

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