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Not all food are good to eat. Find out the secrets in foods like lemmon, broccoli, okro, breadfruit, ...

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It seems that for every expert who tells you a certain food is good for you, you’ll find another saying exactly the opposite.

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The Healthiest Cooking Methods Explained: boiling, steaming, poaching, broiling, grilling, stir-frying, no cooking, roasted, ...

6 Steps 2 A Longer Life

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    The RFPC has the biggest and most modern Fish Processing Plant in the Archipelago. It consists of a set of
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    The RFPC's Hens Coop has an area of 450 m2 (4.843 ft2), with a capacity for over 3.000 hens. Currently
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Jairo and DrGeorgeMay 750x327Featured interview


(August 16th, 1927 - May 12th, 2022)

By Jairo Rodriguez Davis – President of the Raizal Development Center Corporation (RDC)

I heard about Reverend Dr. George M. May in the 1990s; and from that time, even without having met him yet, I had already formed in my mind a concept of him, as a hero. Just to know that he was one of us, an Afro-Caribbean, Raizal, son of the soil, who was raised up on these lands and sea, and belonged to the First Baptist Historic Church, and to know that he was back to the Archipelago to serve his people, after many decades spent in the USA where he studied, worked, served, and succeeded. I came to know of his outstanding leadership, getting the churches, people, and society in general, to join in his vision, to establish a university in the islands - the Christian University of San Andres and Providence (CU).


The fact that he was greatly supported also by churches and people in the U.S.A., and that it was not just his vision, but a God-given vision, made our people so happy and confident to follow him in such an ambitious and challenging project. Additionally, the motto that was set for the university, inspired confidence in him and his work: “Lift Up to Serve… Serve to Lift Up”.

He was lift-up … to serve, and he came both to serve and to lift up others.

GeorgeMay2.png  CU_Logo_reDesign_xJRD_2019.jpeg

He showed his merciful heart and empathy toward the most disadvantageous people in society who needed a lovely helping hand, and an opportunity to release their potential. He helped many young students from the islands with scholarships from colleges in the U.S.A., and expected upon their return, that they would serve to uplift others; this was like a solidarity circle that he promoted - “Lift Up to Serve… Serve to Lift Up”.

After dealing with him, I was more impressed, inspired, and identified with all he was doing, and I wanted to help. I learned much from him; he helped me in many ways to mold my character and to improve my faith, inner strength, and knowledge. He always let me feel so welcomed at his home, church, university, and in all his entrepreneurship. 

My life was blessed, and my mind was opened to a broader world, with his teachings and from reading many books that he brought to the University’s library. He, his wife, Mrs. Virginia May, and their family, showed so much love and good attention to us. He was like a father to me and to so many more.

The Christian University of San Andres and Providence was not just a university, but the first university to be built on the islands. It was also an ethnic, community and Christian type university. He mobilized and led the people to build a university. He wasn’t preparing merely individual professionals, but if you notice, he was preparing a people, which was so different from sending a person to the Colombian mainland. And from another perspective, he has somehow retaken the cultural revolution that our ancestors initiated after emancipation from slavery (1834-1838) when Reverend Philip Beekman Livingston Jr. along with the people led the establishment of the First Baptist Church and the First Baptist School on the islands (which became the foundations and safeguard to conserve the peace, fellowship, solidarity, good behavior, prosperity, and proper development that our islands enjoyed for a good while). So it happened, after 150 years of the declaration of emancipation, came Reverend Dr. George M. May led the foundation of the first university. And in his altruistic spirit, he gave it all, including his family land & inheritance to build the University. And through his exemplary life, he gained the trust of all.

I admired and trusted him, as I perceived in him a high sense of gratitude, humbleness, sincerity, honesty, respectfulness, passion, love, faith, and social responsibility. He demonstrated a special concern for his People and Territory.  Very remarkable was his boldness, character, sacrificial leadership, and obedience to the vision he received for us to have a better life on the islands. The outcome was people properly educated, with a spirit of service beyond a mere materialistic or selfish one.

Rev. Dr. George M. May was setting the solid rock for the revival of the Raizal People, with the establishment of the Christian University of San Andres and Providence, with a special education that prepares people with more solid Christian principles, a firm cultural identity, and much knowledge about the reality of their peculiar territory, like the case of our small oceanic islands, and equipped with the knowledge of modern technologies;  teaching in their mother language, English and Creole English. From the CU, he promoted and patronized research and documentation of the history of the islands. He recognized, defended, and promoted the linguistic rights of the Raizal ethnic people, like to have the use of their mother language in all facets of their life -at school, university, in business, in government. He promoted and helped sponsor the development of materials for the effective inclusion of English, and Creole English in the educational system.  It was an education that respected the Anglo Afro-Caribbean indigenous Raizal People, guided by their cosmovision. Right there at the university campus, he initiated a series of entrepreneurship around food production and was looking forward to the food processing business. He was determined to make all this become a reality and to re-empower back the Raizal People over their lands and Territory, through quality education and community social entrepreneurship.

He taught us to know more about our African roots and heritage, to be proud of them, to honor our ancestors, to respect others and to make ourselves be respected, to serve, to be humble, to be confident, bold, and to be determined to uplift ourselves, to trust and depend on God.

We are grateful for all the effort and hardworking that he did. And we would like to say, to the family of Dr. George M. May, to the people that he served and worked with, that our organization, the Raizal Development Center Corporation (RDC), is like a fruit and an extension of Dr. May’s work; it is there on the site of Christian University, making effort to continue the legacy of Rev. Dr. George M. May. In honor and gratitude to him, we keep looking forward to the re-establishment of the Christian University or as well said the George M. May University.

With much appreciation and love,

Jairo Rodriguez Davis




The RFPC is a program of the

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Organic Food

We are the Raizal Food Production Center!

We guarantee the access of the local production of food to our local people and visitors. A social entrepreneurship that contributes to the food security in our island, while it keeps sustainable.

We have the biggestFish Processing Plant in the Archipelago -modern and hygienical; and a huge Hens Coop for the daily production of 1000s of eggs. We are the trusted supplier for more than 1000 families, shops and companies.


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      Christian University of San Andres

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